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Cooeechella 2023: A remarkable Cooeexperience!

I was astounded by how hospitable and kind the Cooee people from Manila were when I first joined the Recooeennect in 2022. What I've seen and felt from online meetings is really different from actually witnessing them for someone who is two islands away from them. It was so comforting! There was a feeling of unity and mutual appreciation. This is the reason why I excitedly joined the recent ReCooeennect v2.0: the experience that I gained from the first ReCooeennect.

Three weeks before ReCooeennect 2.0, I was sad because I thought I couldn't join due to some unforeseen circumstances. But the leadership team—Ms. Cha, Ms. Joyce, and Ms. JP—helped me make ReCooeennect 2.0 happen. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the help and support they provided me recently, and I am beyond grateful for the kind gestures they showed me.

Then the ReCooeennect 2.0 Cooee-chella happened. Meeting Cooeemates for the second time during the Cooee-chella left me with a more remarkable experience, and there are a couple of things that I realized in face-to-face interactions: Seeing them in person and being with them in the same physical space allows me to observe their expressions and body language, especially when I converse with them. I feel a social bonding, and I firmly believe that it contributes to the development of relationships, trust, and stronger social bonds. I feel a stronger bond with them now. My weekend was worth it, and I will always have a memory of our bond in my memory bank.

It is true that in the digital age, advancements in technology have introduced new ways of communication, such as video conferencing, which can mimic some aspects of face-to-face interaction even when physical distance separates us. However, the richness and depth of face-to-face interaction are difficult to replicate fully through digital means. In both my personal and professional lives, I still place a high importance on face-to-face relationships because of their emotional richness and genuineness.

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