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Down the Rabbit Hole: Embracing Challenges and Growth at Elite

Adulting is hard. When you are young, it is so easy to draw up and imagine a life that is an inimitable perfection. You could dream that you could go above and beyond, and have your entire future figured out. But no, it will never be that easy; there are a lot of struggles you must go through first before you even reach half that point (at least for me). It’s difficult, yes, but never impossible. As soon as I stepped out of the university premises, I have always wanted to be in the big city – see new places, meet new faces, and most importantly, gain new experiences – a little like Alice in Wonderland, in my opinion. Most people want peace and quiet; live in the province and settle. But, as someone who was born and raised in a small town, and never really got out to see what’s more out there, I knew I needed to get down the path outside my comfort zone. I needed to get down the rabbit hole and sink into the chaos and admirability it brings. To make this happen, I knew what I ought to do: get a job based on the metro – ace the interview, make an impression, earn a spot, and make sure not to get fired. Yes, I had it all planned out. Starting out, it really was tough. Who would want to take a lot of time to hire someone who just got out of college, with no job experience at all, and mostly got nothing figured out? Not a lot of companies, well, not until I bumped into Cooee. Acknowledging one of their values, they have seen potential in me. They have seen my capabilities and trusted me enough to endorse me to the Elite team, where thankfully, saw these in me as well. Not only did Elite Office Furniture tick 2 of my boxes (live in the city and get a good job here), but they have also molded me into who I am now, workwise and in general. Alongside Cooee, they have rendered my best self so far. Walking the Cooee way, I have become truer to myself, be empathetic of others, and a whole lot of things you cannot squeeze on paper. Most importantly, Elite has provided me with the thing I have always loved – catering service to people. Now, I am halfway through my first year working with the team. I am glad and grateful to be here. Every day I tell myself that this is the kind of experience I agree to attend to, and that is fulfilling enough to make me want to work harder and keep the trust this company has given me. Even though adulting is still hard for me as I am still in my trial-and-error phase, I know now that life is not perfect as one might think, it never is and never will be. You could dream but you have to do the work to make it work, to make it happen. I may not be in Wonderland, but I am happy I sled down this rabbit hole. I am happy to embrace the fun and complexity it brings – it could only mean that I am one step near my goal, whatever it is. I am still far from figuring out how I want my life would be, but with Cooee and Elite with me, I know I am leading the right path – it is difficult, yes, but never impossible.

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