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Fostering Independence, Empowering Growth at Cooee Inc.

As June ends, Filipinos worldwide commemorate Philippine Independence Day on June 12. This occasion prompts us to reflect on the significance of freedom and its impact on us individuals. I strongly believe that freedom is vital for personal and professional growth, which is why Cooee Inc.’s commitment to human connection is deeply rooted in this principle. Our core values - Be Authentic, Be Empathetic, Believe in Potential - shape an environment that embraces independence and empowers our team members. Independence at Cooee Inc. goes beyond autonomy; it nurtures our work culture that values authenticity, empathy, and belief in individual potential. Our company encourages our employees to freely express themselves, share innovative ideas, and take ownership of their work. By embracing our unique perspectives and talents, we create an environment where independence thrives. This commitment to independence not only benefits us employees but also leads to better outcomes for our clients and partners. At Cooee Inc., we understand that freedom is essential for employee happiness and productivity. When we are empowered to make choices, pursue our passions, and express ourselves authentically, we become more engaged, motivated, and invested in our work. This dedication to independence benefits both us employees and translates into better outcomes for our clients and partners. As we celebrate Philippine Independence Day, we reflect on the significance of freedom and its impact on individuals and societies. We recognize that the freedom we celebrate as a nation is interconnected with the freedom we strive to cultivate within our organization. By fostering a culture of independence, collaboration, and personal growth, we aim to empower each other to reach our full potential and make meaningful contributions. To gain insights into how our employees perceive freedom, we asked some of them to share their thoughts. Here are a few responses: Rizziane Mae Frago shares, "Freedom, for me, is the ability to pursue happiness without any hindrance. As long as I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, nothing can stop me from being genuinely happy and embracing who I am." Mary Grace Villagomez, reflects on her belief in God, expressed, "To me, freedom means having the ability to make my own choices and live life on my own terms, guided by my faith and personal beliefs. It's empowering to have the autonomy to pursue my passions, voice my opinions, and forge my own path. However, I also understand that with freedom comes responsibility, and I strive to make sound judgments that serve the greater good." Ely Joy Abenio believes that "Freedom is being true to oneself without being selfish. It's about finding a balance between personal authenticity and considering the needs of others." Roslyn Cerrado shares her perspective, stating, "For me, freedom means having the ability to make decisions independently while considering the impact on others. It's about freedom with responsibility." Hans Aringino believes that "Freedom encompasses both personal and professional aspects of life. It involves self-expression, pursuing one's interests without restraints, and personal growth. Professionally, it means choosing a career that aligns with one's passions, overcoming challenges, and finding fulfillment. Financial independence and enjoying the rewards of one's hard work are also integral to freedom." Oden Rodriguez shares, "To me, freedom means being able to think, do, and express oneself without fear of judgment from others." Jeffrey Lustado believes that "Freedom allows individuals to transcend societal limitations and unlock their full potential. It fosters the growth of ideas, encourages experimentation and innovation, and enables individuals to embrace their true selves without fear or criticism. Freedom is the bedrock of democracy, providing a voice to the voiceless and ensuring equal opportunities for all. Ultimately, freedom is a fundamental human right that guides us towards a better, more just future."

Mary Cinco also believes "Freedom is when you were able to speak your mind and find peace in solitude, freedom is breaking free from the cycle of unconsciousness trauma, and generational trauma."

Independence is not just an abstract idea; it serves as a guiding principle that inspires us to create a work environment at Cooee Inc. where human connection, awareness, empathy, and a growth mindset thrive. By upholding the values of independence and embracing the power of partnerships, we can collectively achieve greatness and build a world where individuals and businesses flourish. Let's cherish our individual freedom and strive to create an environment where freedom thrives, enabling us to achieve even greater success together.

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