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From Campus to Corner Office: A Fresh Grad's Journey at Cooee Inc.

Updated: Jun 26

From Campus to Corner Office: A Fresh Grad's Journey at Cooee Inc.

The youngest daughter of the family just got her degree with flying colors. The path that I walked through was not easy, just like others. I had my first heartbreak when I failed my first course in college. I dreamed of being an accountant, but it redirected me to another path where I found solace and gratitude. Failures never hinder me for my betterment; hence, they're my inspiration to be the better and bolder person that I am now.

An Antiqueña who dreamed of having my school in the city, becoming independent, meeting new friends, and found a family. A woman who strives to be one of the best students because being the achiever makes me proud and, most importantly, makes my parents proud and feel that all their sacrifices have been paid off.

My college life failures and achievements have sharpened my personal and professional mindset. I learned to let go, move on, and move forward in whatever circumstance I am in. I always do what’s best for me without neglecting others. Life after college is beyond my knowledge. However, I promise to never turn down any opportunities that are given to me. Upon entering my journey at Cooee, I was greeted with an abundance of opportunities and gratitude. Their values are what I am clinging to at the moment. Be Authentic, Empathetic, and believe in Potential.

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