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From Timid to Triumphant on Q3 2024 Appreciation Day

Updated: Jun 26

From Timid to Triumphant on Q3 2024 Appreciation Day

I'm excited to share how I went from being a distant member to winning the Q3 2024 Appreciation Day. When I was introduced to the IT team, I didn't speak up much. But over time, I found my voice by joining in discussions and sharing my ideas.

Things really changed when I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I started actively participating in huddles and expressing my thoughts with more confidence. Taking charge of projects showed me and others that I could lead and inspire.

This transformation wasn't just about me – it affected the whole team. I encouraged everyone to share ideas and work together better. It was rewarding to create a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

The big moment came on Q3 2024 Appreciation Day when I was recognized not just for my work but for the journey of personal growth that inspired the team. Being honored filled me with gratitude and showed me how engagement and leadership can make a difference.

In summary, going from timid to winning is about growing and trying new things. I'm thankful for my team's support and the chances I got to improve. Looking ahead, I'm eager to keep growing, being engaged, and contributing more. Thank you for recognizing my efforts.

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