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Fruit of Labor

With a joyful and grateful heart, thank you, Cooee for the opportunity to share my story. It was such a surprise to be nominated and awarded as an Optimal Me Winner for Quarter 3. I started to enjoy working with Cooee this year. Cooee made me feel stable and grounded. Family is my number 1 priority, and the opportunity to stay at home makes the tasks easier. I feel that I am on the right track, I chose to stay. And I'm glad I did.

I am sincerely thankful to my coach Crissy who made this award possible. Thank you for listening, appreciating, and believing in my potential. Thank you also to my teammates (Lucky Corp/ Autograb), to my Gen-Pop daily huddle family, Miss JP, and Miss Meiko for being there to guide and see my development and for making a significant influence. To our dearest CEO Miss Pia and Kris, thank you for the opportunity. I am grateful for all the programs we have, to keep us connected virtually or onsite.

The value of believing in your potential allows me to put my foot forward without fear of judgment and understand that there's more to life by being you without focusing on perfection. Cooee Values enable me to grow limitlessly. And everyone is capable of doing great things rooted in oneself’s authenticity and potential, as well as by embedding empathy towards other people. With a willingness to work and learn, I will continue to strive and push forward and will genuinely allow Cooee's influence to impart in my everyday progress.

Our story matters just like we do, let it be heard and have the power to break down barriers. Remember that: “ In Everything you do, you are fruitful. Every part of you is meaningful. You are you. You can. We can. ”

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