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Navigating a career on an unfamiliar path, leading to new roads of success

Updated: Jun 24

Navigating a career on an unfamiliar path, leading to new roads of success

It is indeed true that being on unfamiliar path leads you to a new journey that will give you a wide range of opportunities. When I was first informed that I would be working with a law firm in Australia, I got overwhelmed, as this would be my first time working in that kind of industry.I have some thoughts in my mind on how I will be working with them, the tasks that I will be doing, and how I will apply all my skills in terms of marketing. When the day comes and I meet some of the partners, I am very surprised, as they are not what I expected. They are very welcoming and had an instant warmth that I felt. During my discussion with them, I felt a sincere and positive energy in the air that fosters a sense of belonging, even if I am just an offshore employee for them.

The first few months of dealing with them have been a challenging part for me, as I still have a lot to learn, especially about the processes and the setup that they have. I have also mentioned to them that this is my first time working with a law firm, and I am very glad that they are very patient and kind to me while I am still training with them. Dealing with different people inside the firm is both thrilling and exciting, since I get a chance to collaborate, help, and assist them in different areas. I also learned a lot from them, which is really helpful for me as I navigate my career in their industry.

I remember when they requested a design task from me on how we would execute a diagram that had a lot of details and content. Creating the diagram proved to be an unexpectedly challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Despite encountering obstacles throughout the process, our determination and creativity prevailed. Through open communication and understanding feedback as a room for improvement, we navigated a refining approach towards collaborating with our partner. 

Fostering a positive and productive relationship with our partner requires a combination of communication, trust, continuous improvement, understanding their goals, and delivering exceptional output.

By implementing these strategies, I can say that we can cultivate a strong, positive, and mutually beneficial relationship with our partner.

The most rewarding part of working with them is being able to help them with their goals. I remember when they requested for me to create an urgent presentation for an upcoming event and I did it for only a few amount of time with minimal revisions. After I sent it, I receive a feedback coming from them saying that I did a good job on the tasks as it help them to execute the webinar smoothly and for helping them to finish the presentation which are one of the most important things to get completed for that event. 

Witnessing how our collaboration has helped them achieve their goals and seeing tangible results, whether it's increased efficiency or revenue growth. Receiving feedbacks, may it be good or a room for improvement is helpful for me as I navigate my journey at their firm and it really helped me to unleash my potential. 

The relationship that I am building with our partner is continuous, and being able to work with them has been an invaluable journey. I can't wait to have more collaborations and productive discussions with them.

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