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Optimal Me Q4 2022

Being a coach, I can say is one of the best roles I have in life. Having a meaningful conversation with my Coachees and deepening the trust and connection with them is incomparable. There were times that you both can feel the pain and struggles while you are in the middle of your conversation, however, there’s nothing better than being in a journey together.

I saw more of Jake’s strengths despite the challenge he and his family is encountering.

Authenticity, he’s not afraid to show what he really feels. Said it’s ok to not be ok and go through hard times and feel every moment. His love for his family is very genuine. He’s aware that he needs someone to talk to and shoulders to lean on, not because he is weak but because he needs to remain strong for himself and his family. He knows himself well, what he needs and what are the things that he can do to overcome and move forward.

Perspective, taking the big picture view. Jake is not just focusing on the current situation but also considering other wider reasons as to why that is happening.

Hope, positive and future-mindedness. He knows it won't be easy for all of them but he's not losing hope that time will come that they can totally accept everything. "life goes on", something that he's holding on.

As a coach, I am not just listening but I’m also learning something out of our coaching conversation. And I’m so grateful to my Coachee, for sharing part of his experiences, may it be good or not so good.

I know I can be able to see more of Jake and I’m looking forward to be present in those moments.

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