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SOS stories: Why we do it

Every day, we notice people with kind gestures, people who braved to host our programs, people who shared their skills and talents at work or during engagement sessions. Sometimes, we simply appreciate them in our head or, we give a tap to tell them they are doing great.

But if we write that experience, we will remember the story and so will other people. The SOS space, for me is a good place to share the story of people who have inspired us each day and made an impact to us or to other people. It serves as a mirror for people to see the beauty in them and to reflect on these qualities. It's also a starter for conversation. When people narrate a story in the space, we become curious and end up making meaningful chats with one another.

Every month and every quarter, we recognize people who have placed outstanding stories, or those we think that really stood out. It doesn't matter if we win or be recognized for it. For me, it is those moments when we made someone smile and felt delighted with reading these stories and how that can influence others to practice our values anytime and anywhere.

Our SOS narratives bring a right amount of dopamine to our friends, teammates, our Cooeemates. Through these stories, we inspire other people and help them realised their own potential, their skills, their character strengths.

"I am beyond grateful that I was spotted on the last Q4 SOS unexpectedly by Miss Cha. It was just a great onsite journey while experiencing it It was smooth sailing and wonderful that I was able to get along with the people in Cooee onsite. To Miss Cha, thank you for recognizing my strengths and for your continual support, and the motivation, you inspire."

- Mary Cinco

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