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The Moment of Truth

All of them are so professional and cool at the same time. I learned a lot of things by just having a conversation with them. Different strategies, 1 goal, to be of great service…

Earlier this year, I received a message from our company CEO Kris Buckham. Said he needs to talk to me urgently. A little bit confused and scared, I answered his call. I’m trying to read his face if he’s worried, angry, or happy. Then I saw him smiling, and I felt relieved. Out of 3 good news he mentioned, 1 thing struck me the most, that I was chosen to go to Australia to meet our clients.

I wasn’t able to react right away, because I’m still trying to absorb it in my mind. But I know, deep inside, my heart is jumping in so much happiness.

So, after our conversation, the joy suddenly turned into a bit of worry. I don’t have a passport yet and I have a problem with my birth certificate. And so, what I did is pray, I said to the Lord, “if this is really for me then you will make everything possible”

Fast forward, the moment of truth, night of Nov 02, this was actually my first time. I don’t have any idea what I need to do step by step. Good thing I’m with my colleagues. We’ve been through long lines while carrying our heavy suitcases. Until we finally passed through the immigration and went to the gate. We’re so excited, but another challenge came in, the flight was delayed.

We prayed and then finally, we entered the plane. 7 hrs flight, but I really can’t sleep because of the butterflies in my stomach.

We landed past 11 in the morning of Nov 03 in Sydney. And I was like dreaming and I can’t believe that was really happening.

We’re so lucky because Kris invited us to have our dinner in Cronulla RSL, where we had a beautiful view of the Cronulla beach plus the delicious food.

The day after, we first visited Armstrong Ceilings Sydney clients. They were so kind and accommodating. They were so interested in our presentation and so happy telling us that they made the right decision to partner with us. We had our lunch together and they are giving us a lot of ideas as to where we could spend our weekend while we are in Sydney.

The following week was a big week. We spent the whole weekdays meeting different clients. On Tuesday night we went to Melbourne to also meet some of our clients there, Armstrong Ceilings Victoria and Autograb Team. It was such a great experience. I’m very glad to see them face to face. They’re giving me hugs, we shared a lot of stories and we were just enjoying the moment.

I had a chance to see our client’s offices and warehouses which were before, I am just seeing it via zoom meetings. But that time, I was actually walking there.

I also met our Real Estate Agency partners, X Commercial and Stanton Hillier Parker (which was the original client I am handling before) . I’m so grateful to hear all their feedback about me and the Cooee Team. I am not exaggerating but, I felt like I was floating in the sky during the time I was presenting and talking with them. I don’t expect much of their kind words, but that’s what they gave me. I gained more confidence upon hearing them.

All of them are so professional and cool at the same time. I learned a lot of things by just having a conversation with them.

Different strategies, 1 goal, to be of great service and to be the best version of themselves. Which is aligned to the values of Cooee.

With all those meetings and conversations with different clients, I can say that I am in the right company. Where people are treated righteously, teaching us to believe in our potentials, and be more aware of earning other people’s trust.

Thank you, Kris and Pia, I will forever treasure this experience and will never forget all of the things I’ve learned from different people. I’m so grateful to the Lord that he made one of his plans for me possible. It’s true that Nothing is impossible with God.

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