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The Strength of a Weak

A month has passed but I still can't believe that I had this chance to be noticed and awarded. As someone who believes that he's weak, he once received an award for the most number of strengths recognized. I've learned that sometimes there are things people can see in you that you don't, and it felt like standing near the front of a tree that could only see its rough trunk while people from afar can see its fruits.

I want to thank Ms. Pia for the sessions that helped me to become a better person who nourishes his strengths and acknowledges his mistakes. It is nearly impossible to find the right path alone without your help and your guidance. I can't surely spell Empathetic without the letters P, I, and A.

To Ms. JP, my coach, I want to thank you for being there and for listening to my everyday problems. Yes, it was difficult at first to talk about my fears and downfalls to someone I only met online but you took the effort to understand me and to bring out the best in me. You taught me a lot of things, to conquer my what-ifs and to know my whys.

To Sir. Dundee, Ms. Regina, Ms. Cha, Ms. Oden, and Zookal Family, thank you for making my light shine brighter. You made my strength noticeable and without you, I might still be that someone who focuses more on what he can't do instead of what he can.

My SRT suits me well all because of your guidance and help and I hope that I could inspire more people to become a "Scavenger's Masterpiece" who sees the art in all the bad things the world is throwing at them.

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