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Thirteen Cracking Days

I kept thinking of that one word to describe my experience in Australia. A lot came to mind - great, awesome, breathtaking, enjoyable, engaging, remarkable. All of those and more. After moments of reflection, one word to describe the whole experience did fit - TRANSFORMATIVE.

More than two years of almost always being at home, travelling abroad again seems like new to me. The preparations, packing and just the feeling of a few weeks away from family. The mums in the group carrying out a careful plan with their husbands and extended families to take care of their kids with a checklist. The anticipation of what is to happen. Definitely an opportunity to conquer and step out of a comfort zone. And I did. We did.

Touchdown in the Land Down Under. We were greeted by the bluest sky, the brightest sun and cool breeze. A new environment, a refreshing one. Walking around the quiet suburbs of Sydney with the smell of flowers, the birds happily hopping, fine sand and blue seas to the buzz of the CBD is an experience in itself.

It was made more surreal being in a room, sitting side by side and having meaningful conversations with our partners face to face and being in their space. It was my pleasure and privilege to have our partners take a moment and step into their Manila team’s everyday experience, of how we foster connections and engagement, and together strive to live our Why. The nice-to-meet-you handshakes turned into exchanging of and listening to stories over a meal, at times with families, ended in warm hugs with a wish to meet again the way we just did. And right then I knew, this experience meant more than what I thought it would.

Gratitude. Hope. Relationships. These are what I brought home from Australia.


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