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Transforming Adversity into Opportunity: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Growing up, education was not a priority for me. At the age of 13, I dropped out of school and spent most of my time playing computer games and spending money on them. I felt stuck and hopeless, believing that I would never achieve anything worthwhile.

But in 2016, I made a life-changing decision. I took an ALS exam, which allowed me to skip Junior High School and move straight to Senior High School. This opened up new opportunities for me and introduced me to some incredible people who became lifelong friends.

In 2018, I enrolled in college to pursue a degree in Marketing Management, which proved to be a challenging journey. I had to adapt to a new environment and navigate the complexities of college life, while also facing the added difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the obstacles, I persevered and met many amazing individuals along the way who helped me grow and learn. As a result, I now feel confident in my abilities as a college graduate and am excited to see what the future holds.

Now, I am thrilled to be working at Cooee Inc., a company known for its friendly and welcoming culture. From day one, the onboarding process was smooth, providing me with the support and resources I needed to quickly adapt to my new role.

Since joining the team, I have had numerous opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge, thanks to the company's commitment to ongoing learning and development. I have been able to upskill in areas that interest me, and the supportive work environment has allowed me to thrive both personally and professionally.

One challenge I have faced is the public transportation in our country, which can be difficult at times. However, the positive work experience and supportive team culture make it all worth it.

Through my experiences, I have learned the importance of education and the power of determination. I believe that anything is achievable with the right mindset. I am grateful to Cooee Inc. for giving me the chance to showcase my skills and expertise as a recent graduate. I am excited to work hard and make a valuable contribution to the company while continuing to learn and grow in this new chapter of my life.

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