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Walk The Cooee Way Q4 2022

Having someone that you can lean on and can get you back to the right track is truly amazing, and that’s what Joanne is. She’s one of those awesome people who’s making sure that they are making impact to others in every encounter.

Joanne is guided by values.

Being Authentic- By just being herself, she doesn't know that other people's life lightens. Simple joke from him/her really are making our day. Her stories and challenges as a parent serve as an inspiration to us.

Being Empathetic- Understanding and listening, those are some of the powers she naturally has. She knows the importance and impact of those things to other people. She always makes herself available for someone who needs help.

Believing in potential- If there's someone who has the highest point of telling good things to other people, that's her. Every time she sees amazing and beautiful things, she puts it in words. She really expresses kindness and beauty. And through that, other people's confidence is gained, she made them realizes their potentials and strengths.

If I would ask myself why Joanne is doing what she's doing, well at first, I don't know. But the more I get to know her, the more I am figuring out the why.

All the things that she's doing and sharing with other people is making a great impact. A simple "you’re doing well", "I know you can do it" really are part of another's transformation.

She knows that every little conversation counts. I can say that she really is living Cooee values and that this is also helping her in personal and professional space and in all aspects of life.

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