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Working remotely from our clients in Australia is a bit challenging at first and we are happy that we have already started gaining their trust. Since we work remotely, we’re all in constant communication whether that be through phone, email, text, or chat. It allows us to stay as interconnected as possible – which is a very valuable asset. We are all completely available to one another during our work hours as well and this ensures we aren’t missing out on not being in an office together. One of our team values is to communicate with clarity to have a successful relationship with remote colleagues in Australia. Practicing clear communication also leads us to better understanding how everyone works and helps build more trust in our team. We place a strong emphasis on transparency, authenticity and being direct as well. Another principle we have is establishing a daily routine, setting priorities, breaking tasks, and tracking the progress of each individual respective tasks. We used to manage our time effectively to minimize distractions to maintain focus in our tasks.

This kind of accountability is what makes us meet our deadlines, think creatively, and collaborate effectively around the clock. Lastly, we are constant in establishing a culture of trust, good products and services to our clients.

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